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Message from the Director


My name is DeWon Farmer.  I am the director at the Blount County Career Technical Center.  Welcome to our website.  We are glad you are have taken time to visit and hope you find this site helpful and informative.  It is a great time to be considering Career Tech and the opportunity to acquire skills that can help you in the future to make a good living and provide for your family.  Alabama will need to add 500,000 highly-skilled employees to the state's workforce by 2025 to meet the growing workforce demand.  A robust economy with jobs pouring into the state, and Alabama's demand for an education-to-workforce pipeline has never been stronger than it is today.  The future is bright for career tech and skilled labor.  So, take a look around and visit each of the programs we currently have. Our teachers are some of the best in the state.  There are a lot of pieces of equipment that we have in our shops that most colleges don't have.  So, take your time, look around, and watch the video for each program.  If you need more information about the programs, please contact us and we can help with any questions or concerns. Again, thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing you soon.



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